About Negros


Negros is the fourth largest island in the Philippines and the province of Negros Occidental is located on the western part of the island. It is bounded by the Visayan Sea on the north, Panay Gulf on the west, Tañon Strait and Negros Oriental on the East and Sulu Sea on the South.

Negros Occidental is often referred to as the land of gentle people and large sugarcane plantations. Negros is basically volcanic, making its soil ideal for agriculture. Eighty percent of all arable land is cultivated, and the province’s wealth has always been it its land, the people’s charm, and the pride in its cuisine.

Its people, with their endearing lilting accent, are known for their easy-going, old world charm and gracious hospitality. They have a natural knack for entertaining which is best experienced during Masskara, a Mardi gras festival in October where there is merrymaking in the streets and parties at private homes in its capital, Bacolod City. The people are also famous for their unrivalled good taste evident in the exquisite arts and crafts that they produce for the local and export markets.

From Nature’s Village Resort, you can visit The Ruins, Tana Dicang Balay na Bato, The Negros Museum, The Negros Showroom, San Sebastian Cathedral, and various shopping malls and restaurants.




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