Our Commitment to
Sustainable Tourism



Developing the resort started with the planting of hundreds of eucalyptus trees in March 1992. The owner’s vision was to not only create a recreational complex that replicates nature, but also a place where the whole family can get together to have fun in a wholesome and relaxing atmosphere.

Our Philosophy

Nature’s Village Resort seeks to promote sustainable tourism and to educate guests to care for the environment. In line with this, we train our staff to adhere to green practices that will promote environmental preservation. Employees are required to practice proper waste management. As an example, trash bins are seen around the property to facilitate segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. Employees also recycle and reuse plastic, bottles and cans. Paper and other biodegradable materials are used for vermicomposting, a sustainable practice wherein soil is aerated by worms, making it fertile for the resort’s organic farm. The Village Farm’s vegetables are used by the kitchen and served fresh to the guests. Water conservation guidelines are provided and a copy of the tourist’s guide for being a responsible traveler can be found in all hotel rooms.


The fixtures that you see at Nature’s Village Resort were fabricated under the direction of interior designer Nina Ledesma utilizing materials from the resort owner’s collections. The chandeliers in the hotel lobby were fashioned out of glass ocean buoys which were once used as net markers by the fisher folk in the coastal communities of the province. The entry wall of the main ballroom features a set of antique wooden church doors. A collection of items found locally are part of the decor: a dugout canoe made from the trunk of a hardwood tree; pottery jars from Tangub, a suburb in Bacolod City, “lusong” or grainpounders from Sipalay; coconut graters, and “guilingan” or stone grinders used for milling rice from the old haciendas in the area. The furniture and textile frames are fashioned out of antique hardwood railroad ties, the outer portions of which still show the hardwood’s natural grain. The inner slabs were used to form chair backrests, lounges and headboards. These railroad ties were from Victorias Milling Company and Sagay Central, removed when they stopped using locomotives for transporting sugarcane from the fields to the sugar centrals. The lighting, artwork and furniture were all handmade at the Village Workshop by long-time employees utilizing local materials. The railroad ties used on the tabletops, headboards and cabinets including the ironwork that replicates the Ilonggo Vine, a plant that grows in the resort, are original touches that create the ambiance of the hotel.

Nature’s Village Resort also takes pride in its collection of textile folk art. Many of these pieces were from the owners’ private collection and some were gifts from Mara Montelibano, an international folk art collector. All of these pieces were painstakingly made and embellished by hand. They reflect traditions that are increasingly lost due to modernization by the garment industry and are examples of a region’s cultural arts.




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